What about the New Marlin 60's ?

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by Tony1978, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Tony1978

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    I have been debating about buying a new Marlin 60. From what little bit of research I've done through out the web I read of talk about if you buy a new one to make sure it's one from the Mayfield,KY plant. Then I read on other places that say the Mayfield plant is no more.

    I've seen some comments about a Huntsville, AL plant also. I understand that the new rifles these day's are not like the Marlin's in the past, plastic trigger guards that are subject to crack easy, cheaper wood stocks,etc,etc.

    I recently watched a guy shooting his model 60 on You Tube that his video was dated Jan 8,2018 and I ask him a question if his rifle was recently purchased and where was it manufacture/assembled at ? He replied it was recently bought new and it showed on his barrel it's from Mayfield,KY . I know that new firearms can set in firearm limbo probably for years until they are finally sold, so even though it's a new rifle bought today does not necessarily mean it was manufactured in late 2017 or early 2018.

    Guy's what are your thought's about buying a new Marlin 60, the one I'm sorta looking at is the all weather model synthetic stock stainless steel ?

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    If you want sythetic stock and stainless barrel, I wouldn't hesitate to buy new. I read the Mayfield rifles were fine and read the major complaint on new ones coming out of Alabama were sight related. Meaning, loose or not quite lined up or centered.

    Like you say, rifles can sit with distributors for some time and even if a barrel is roll marked Mayfield, the rifle could very well have been assembled in Alabama

  3. Tony1978

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    Ok thanks Matt for the reply back. I'm guessing that maybe all the hype about the new one's from certain people is just nick picking to some extent. I can understand if a sight is really messed up that would be a concern, but some of the talk from other sites talked like the new ones were terrible to stay away, although you cannot please everyone. I know a lot of quality is not there comparable to the older Marlin (JM) stamped rifles, but these day's it seems like the quality is not there like it use to be in a lot of different products.

    Also it seems like Matt always answers my questions and I really appreciate that and hope he continues, but I would like to hear from others that have purchased new Marlins and get their thoughts about the new one's also.

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    Hi there! 1st post here in these forums. I just purchased a new Model 60 (base model, wood stock, blued) last night after owning a 795 for about 8 years (pre-Remington). Love the 795 but I wanted another .22 to have fun with the kids (this ones mine!) and I wanted to try another Marlin. The build quality looks excellent on it but I don’t have an earlier model 60 to compare it to. I will say the stock on the one I purchased is much nicer than a couple I was looking at other shops. Not the quality but more the coloring of the wood. Not nearly as flat and boring as some of the others I saw. This one has more variations of color.

    Sorry, I now realize after typing that this really doesn’t help you at all.