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  1. Other Marlin Rifles
    Good afternoon everyone. I recently got a X7 chambered to .308 and I know that there are some aftermarket stocks out there for it but I would like to know if there are any companies out there that will do a custom wooden stock for it. I ask this because I love the look and feel the full length...
  2. Marlin Rimfires
    Just got a brand new 795 and I have some questions. It is my first and only Marlin firearm so far. Hoping some of you with experience with these can help me out here. The magazine fits in there really tight. Will this loosen up enough for an empty mag to drop out when the release is pressed...
  3. Lever Action
    Hi, I have a 1948 336 RC that is missing the buttstock. It was that way when I got it, but I would like to restore it. The problem is very early Marlin 336 models used slightly different tangs for attaching the stocks. It is a standard pistol grip, but it is just about 1/4 inch thicker across...
1-3 of 3 Results