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picked one up sunday and a BX-25 clip ..put a few rounds thru it for GP.yesterday topped it with a simmins 4 power ..even found a brick of .22 LR
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Good deal. Do you have a pic of he gun?

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stainless with composite stock


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Nice choice.
I like wood furniture if it is quality wood with a good finish.
Many of today's wood stocks are pretty bland. Given a choice between bland and tactical, I'll take the tactical. Stainless/Nickel is always a good choice in my book. That's just me. IMHO.
Thanks for sharing. We like pictures. :))
Nice! Must be fun to shoot with that big scope.
My 10/22 takedown

My Take down has become my favorite plinker. Accurate as the day is long. Gets monotonous to keep blowing the center of the target out with 22's
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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