140gr .357 FTX loads for 35 Rem

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    I am considering purchasing a box or two of the Hornaday 140gr FTX (.357) and work up some loads for my Marlin 35 Rem. My question is....is any one doing this and and have you developed a decent load using this 357 FTX bullet..?? Just fyi...I currently load the Hornaday 158gr XTP very successfully for my 35 Rem.....I use a healthy dose of 3031 for this particular load...very accurate. I will again be using this load for deer hunting in a few weeks. All input is appreciated....thanks in advance....
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    Glad to hear that the 158 gr. Load is working for you. I can't answer your question other than to say that I'm somewhat surprised.
    I sold my 35 Rem. but back when I owned it, I loaded the 180 gr XTP with great success. Although it was a .357 bullet thru a .358 bore, it was very accurate. I used H4895 powder and pushed the upper velocity envelope.
    Never tried the 158 gr because everything I read said that it was too short and wouldn't stabilize. I would think that an even shorter bullet would be more of a problem.
    With the lighter bullet, the velocity should be higher which could effect how the .357 bullet grips the bore.
    You must have really small deer if you think the 140 gr pill will help with terminal performance. Otherwise, why use it?
    Let us know how it works out. Just curious. I believe that the FTX bullet is nothing more than an XTP with a soft plastic tip. I see no difference in the ojive between the two.
    And Welcome to the Marlin Forum. Glad to have you here.
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    Thanks for your reply....actually I originally joined this forum about 5-6 years ago.... have been absent for about a year....lost all traces of my name and pswd, so I'm back for awhile. And thanks for your welcome. The 158gr Horns do exceptionally well on our deer here in SE Wisconsin. The bullet length of the 158 Horn XTP is .665 (appx) If someone could tell me the bullet length of the Horn .357 140gr FTX, it would help me decide if those 140's would work in my 35. Thanks for your help.
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    Welcome to the forum Remmy.The 35 rem is a neat cartridge I have a 336 in 35.

    Does reloading for the Hornady ftx bullet require a smaller case than traditional 35 rem?
    I'm wondering because the FTX for 444marlin is a shorter case than the traditional 444mar.round

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    I don't know if a shorter case is needed for the FTX load....that and other unanswered questions would help me alot. When I load the XTP load, I do not shorten the 35 case, just trim to 1.920 and load up with 3031 to a 2.192oal....Thanks for you input.
  6. FOUR4D4

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    Their web sight has no dimensions to the bullet
    I suggest you call Hornady and ask

    Hornady Manufacturing Company
    3625 West Old Potash Hwy
    Grand Island, NE 68803
    Phone: 1-800-338-3220
    Phone: 308-382-1390
    Fax: 308-382-5761
    Business Hours

    Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Central Time
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    The only FTX bullet I've used in my 35 Rem. is the .358 200g. bullet with VihtaVouri powder.
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    I think he wants to know the length of the bullet
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    Not too shabby..... IMG_0004.jpg