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Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by m16triumph, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. m16triumph

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    Hi everyone, not sure where to go from here and need some opinions!
    Couple of weeks ago I was shooting PRVI SWC 38 special at 50 yards on open sights. Terrible performance! Struggled to hit the target 12" x 8".
    Thought it must be me so used this as an excuse to fit a low mag (4x) scope and weaver rail.
    Went to the range yesterday to zero in at 25 yards which took ages, the sights were way off. Now have accuracy issues even at 25 yards!
    Some rounds hit where I point, some 3 or 4 inches away and quite random.
    I know it has a lot to do with the mutt behind the butt, but am I missing anything else? Apart from the target that is!
  2. Plumber

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    If this is a new gun, how many rounds has it had through it?

    If this is an old gun, when was the last time you cleaned the lead/copper out of the barrel?


  3. Hyphenated

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    As stated above a good cleaning is always the first step. The next thing I would do is buy some 158gr JHP/JSP .357mag ammo in a major brand name. I have never used PRVI ammo, so I won't make any judgements, but .38SWC may not be to your rifle's liken.
  4. m16triumph

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    Thanks guys. The rifle is a few years old and I've had no problems with 357 or 38 as RNFP jacketed. I always clean after each use so pretty sure the bore is ok.
    I'm begining to think it just dosn't like this PRVI SWC stuff! Pity really as I've bought quite a lot as it was cheap........!!!!
    I'm at the range on Friday so I'll compare and contrast this cheap stuff with a good 357 and see how things go.
    Santa's bringing me a reloading kit (if I've been good) so making my own will get me in a better place I'm sure.
  5. greyhawk50

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    The PRVI would be my first suspect. It is made in Serbia and I've not heard any good reviews other than the price. Actually, I heard that tensions between Serbia and the US has stopped the import of their products.
    I believe you are on the right track. Shoot it up and use the time to develop proper technique. Then use the brass to load you own.
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    Reckon you're right Greyhawk. I'll see how it goes next time at the range but doubt I'll be buying PRVI again!
    I can't figure out how some ammo dosn't suit some guns! I shoot a lot of .22 through my beautiful CZ, it really dosn't like Aguila ammo, but a friend with another CZ reckons its the best stuff he can shoot!
    A bit like my wife.... I guess I'll never figure out!
  7. m16triumph

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    Friday post range report.
    Very careful set up with front rest and rear bag, 25 yards initially returned the following:
    PRVI 38 Special SWC - 5 inch group with ten rounds.
    Fiocchi 38 Special FMJ - 1.5 inch group with ten rounds, 6 of these over 0.5"
    50 yards,same set up:
    PRVI - 5 inch group again.
    Fiocchi - 2 inch group, 5 rounds within 1 inch!

    Proof for me not to buy cheap! Really pleased with this and the scope set up. Just gotta practice a bit more now. Saving my Geco 357 for 100 yards after Christmas!

    Anyone want some cheap Serbian ammo?

    Happy Christmas one and all from rainy England!