1894 feeding issues

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    Tweaking the extractor

    I have read a lot about FTFeed issues in the 1894's especially in the 44 magnum and mine was no different. Some of the fixes include stoning and polishing extractors and taking the edge off of the chamber mouth. These fixes help with jacketed ammo and round nose lead and even flat points with small meplats. I did these fixes and got my 1894 to run fairly smooth, but not 100%. Then I started to play with lead bullets with huge meplats which will set you right back to step one. There is not much room to play with feeding WFNGC bullets. I have a sticky in gunsmithing section for the 1895's failure to feed because of new stiff extractors in which the cases rim would not seat in the extractor and would push the round in the chamber at too much of an angle causing jams. I always believed the same was true for the 1894, but it took me a while to figure out the fix. Stoning and opening up the extractor and taking the edge off the chamber mouth give the round more room to enter the chamber, but I don't believe that is the way to go about it untill you try this first.. The fix was so easy it blew my mind! Below is a pic of the extractor from the factory. The gap between the spring and extractor may be larger on yours as I have been tweeking this one already.

    The spring is too stiff to allow the case rim to get under the extractor easily causing jams that a double clutch of the lever will finally send the round down the chamber. Below is a pic af the spring straightened out. Notice the gap still present between the spring and extractor. It gives just enough tension, but not too much!

    Don't be afraid to pinch the spring with a plyers where it is conected to the extractor also as this will relieve some tension.


    If your having problems give it a try. You can always bend it back, but I don't think you will! It has solved my problems I loaded up some dummy rounds with 250gr WFNGC and now they feed without a hitch and smooth as butter. Give it a try what do you have to lose. If this doesn't work then trying some of the other previously mentioned may help. Good luck.
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    I'm not sure if this is the same issue but long story short... I bought an 1894 in .44 Mag about 10 years ago and less then 100 rnds in I Jamed one in the Magazine Tube, after I cleared it every time I tried to use it it would jam the same way (Round wedged half in tube, lever froze wide open, cleaning rod down the mag tube to clear). A Gunsmith friend told me I bent the carrier assembly so it sat in my gun case until last week when I finally got around to ordering (Yes, Nine Years Later) a new assembly from Brownells.

    Installation was easy enough and it seems to have fixed the jam (Rounds are making it out of the tube) but now I'm having an issue where every now and then the bolt passes over the round being loaded with out picking it up and I have to re-rack to bounce it up.

    Any Ideas?