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So pretty sure this topic has been covered extensively, and I’ve done a lot of reading on it, but I’m just trying to get any extra opinions/experiences on the JM barreled guns vs the newer ones. My situation is I bought a 2014 1894 for about $1000. Going in I knew it wasn’t going to be the prettiest, or smoothest action as far as Marlins go due to it being newer but I was okay with that because I wanted something for plinking at the range and/or hunting. And I figured with heavy use/some light tinkering I could smooth the action out to my satisfaction. My impression so far with maybe 100 rounds through it has been completely satisfactory in that regard. Stock and handguard fit are not perfect, but they are functional and tight. Checkering, while not pretty, is again, functional. Sights are terrible, but I’ve got some skinners on order to fix that. Action seems okay, not gritty, but definitely a little stiff. Not a Henry by any means in that regard. (apologies for the blasphemy) All in all I’m happy with it. My dilemma is that I just found another 1894 for $50 more then what I payed for mine that IS JM stamped. Dated 1989. Haven’t seen it in person yet, but the wood furniture looks much nicer then what I have in the pictures. They are both safety models unfortunately. My question to you guys is for what I want to use it for, is it even worth considering selling mine for the JM? It’s a 2.5 hour drive to go see it, and I wouldn’t want to sell mine, which I’m already happy with, and end up with something I’m not. Is there anything else besides better fit and finish/smoother action that would make this worth it? Don’t want to let it slip away for only $50 more IF the benefits functionally are extensive. Thanks in advance for your input!
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