1894C review

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    I too was amazed at how the 1894C and loads used in it have very little to no deviation in POI. After the initial tryout period of a variety of 38spl and 357mag FMJ target loads went through it I switched to factory 158gr SJHP for target and 180SJHP for deer hunting before starting handloading. The 180's required no sight adjustment or compensation for the same groups and POI at 100 yards. I still have about 80 rounds of those.

    The handloads have been mid-range 158gr LRNFP for the wife to plink with. Just now have we run out of factory stuff I bought back when you could get Sellier & Bellot 158gr SJFP for $9/box. Even those matched the Remington 158SJHP and Rem 180SJHP. Guess I'll have to start loading some of the 158XTP's I have to continue the trend. I haven't had a lot of need to load the 357 other than the plinkers since my wife switched to an 1895G for deer hunting a few years ago. She really likes to sling big chunks of lead at deer but the "C" is so much fun to shoot.
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    Just wanted to share my story about my 1894c. I wanted one soooooo bad after firing the one a friend owns. I looked all over but could not find a used one pre-Remington (Marlington, Remlim - what ever you want to call it).

    3 weeks ago I found one in a local gun shop. 1982 model by running the serial number. Super clean. Purrs like a kitten. Fires beautiful - both 38 spcl and .357.

    My only mistake was that I showed too much enthusiasm and the dealer noticed, so I paid top dollar - $600 for it. But i don't care. It's gorgeous.

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    I was broken hearted today, went to a gunshop and 2 days ago they sold a SS 1894C for 490.00