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I know that this has been talked about on this forum, but I just wanted to say what a difference it made to fix my stiff lever on my 1894CB.
I really like this rifle and the only problem that I had with it was that when I went to open the action with the lever it was so hard that I really just had to jerk it open. It was extremely hard to open. All my other Marlins levers opened easily and very smoothly. I Google the problem and found this page TUNING MARLIN LEVER ACTIONS. I decided to give it a try. I took the pin out that held the Plunger to the Lever. Took some sand paper and sanded the sharp edge of the plunger off. I then took the plunger spring and cut one coil off of it. Greased the plunger and put it all back together.
Wow what a difference. The lever is still held securely, but opens smoothly and a whole lot easier. Not to easy like I said it is still held good in place but now it feels like my other Marlin Lever Guns. This article was written by Lionel Roach. I want to say thank you for writing this article. I did none of the other things but it sure did help my rifle. I am very glad I found it.

How many others have had to do this to their Marlin. I bet not to many, but I sure did.​
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