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I guess I always took this nice model for granted. I grabbed one years back, a minty one for what i thought was a bit on the high side, but I wanted it as I love the .41 magnum cartridge. I see now they're going for 2x or more for what I paid. Are they really that sought after for what they are or is there something else to them?
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It's a supply and demand thing with a little added romance because it is a .41. Until you've owned a .41mag you just don't know how capable they are.
You are right about .41mag data for rifles...pretty slim pickens. The hottest load published for handguns in my Hornady manual is 22.8grs of H110 using a 210gr JHP in a S&W revolver.

I use the same powder charge, but I substitute a 200gr JHP. It clocks 1860fps in my FG and is very accurate. If you want to use the 220gr bullet I would back the powder off to 22grs as max. I have read stories on the net of guys using 22grs of H110 and bullets as heavy as 255grs., but your rifle may not last long at that level. JMO
Hey FG will shoot under an inch at 50yds using 22.8grs of H110 with Remington 200gr JHP. It would probably do better with someone else holding the gun.:D


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Life can be cruel. We use to have eyes like an eagle and nerves of steel. Now things are starting to rust. :(
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