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I guess I always took this nice model for granted. I grabbed one years back, a minty one for what i thought was a bit on the high side, but I wanted it as I love the .41 magnum cartridge. I see now they're going for 2x or more for what I paid. Are they really that sought after for what they are or is there something else to them?
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I think they(Marlin) just didn't make enough to satisfy the masses, so they bring a premium price. And those that have em, know it !!
If I could afford it, I would snap up the first one I could find. I bet if Winchester cataloged one they would make a killing also.
I have been shooting and reloading the .41 Magnum for about 10 years. Love it !
I have shot 44's and 454's (they were just too much for me)but I like the .41 Mag & 45 Colt(I need to get one of those).
41 over 44

It's probably psychological, but I feel the 44 recoil is snappier and heavier than the 41, but I haven't shot them s/s for a true eval. I have shot a 41 and 45Colt s/s, the Colt had standard 255 RNFP @1000 fps and a 215 SWC @1050 for the 41. Both are not mild, but not real heavy either, in the recoil dept, but effective on just about anything in North America, ceptin maybe big Griz!! My heavy loads in .41 are a 210 Hornady XTP @1350 which are pretty stout in my 57-5 S&W Mtn Gun 4" or my Ruger Blackhawk 4-5/8".
Haven't tried the Cast Performance 250's yet but I'll bet they wander into 44 territory pretty easy!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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