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Feeding Issues- Round entering bore at steep angle and jamming

This is one of the most common feeding issues you will see with the 1895, but will work with the 336 also!
Many with new Marlins some even older have feeding issues. One of these is caused by a new or stiff extractor which has not been broken in. Sometimes it may be just different ammo such as Lever E IN 45-70 which is causing a feeding issue.

While trying to chamber a round on the bolts forward motion if the rim of the cartridge does not fully engage the extractor the round will try to enter the chamber at too steep of an angle causing the round to rub the top of the chamber even jam.

Sometimes a double clutching of the lever will solve this or bumping the round with your finger.
Remember this fix is only for the feeding issue previously mentioned. Something to try which is quick and easy and I think is better than going at the extractor with a file...unless you have a burr then have at it, is this. It solved my problem and might help you. Take a screwdriver and place it under the lip of the extractor and give it a slight bend outwards. This will relieve the downward pressure on the rim of the case which is causing the problem. Just bend it a very small amount at a time untill the problem is solved. If you bend it too far you can always remove the extractor and bend it back. This has solved my problem and a few other peoples I have mentioned it to. Good luck!

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