1895 guide gun scope choices

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    I'm getting a new marlin for Christmas. I'm pretty sure it's the guide gun in 45-70. I want to put a regular scope on it if the recoil isn't that bad. How much eye relief would I need? I really like Simmons. I'm going to use see through rings. Do I need a slug scope? If it kicks bad, I'm going to put a red dot on it.
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    I have a Nikon prostaff 3x12 with the BDC. Shoots great so far and holds zero. I use 430 gr ammunition. ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1420179332.554766.jpg

  3. murph41

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    The length of pull on my guide gun is 13.5". What's the length of pull on the one you have?
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    Murph41 the guide gun kick is not that bad with factory fodder or reloads pushing about 1500fps, but if you shoot the warm stuff from buffalo bore, or garrett, or warm reloads at 2000fps or so it will belt you pretty good on the bench for sure. Eye relief could be a problem. Take a look at the guide scope set up, it has a long eye relief and very quick aquisition.I am not a fan of see through scope mounts and would recomend quick releases for use of iron or ghost ring sights. Hope that helps.
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    Just some friendly advice you will never get a good cheek weld with the see through mounts, they are to high. Any Leupold, or Nikon scope will have excess of 3 inches of eye relief. You should be good really with any modern scope. Just get a Weaver base and Leupold, or Burris one inch scope mounts. Get Medium Height to clear you back sight. If you get a scope 44 MM objective bell you may have to go to a higher scope ring.

    Regards PAH
  6. Bucky

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    Mate, I got a Leupold VX2 ..1-4x20 for my .444 Marlin and love it.
    Crystal clear and on 1 magnification, it's both eyes open, for vert fast target acquisition.

    Eye relief is 3 1/2" maybe 4, but recoil does not worry me, so all is good.

    By the way I am hopeless with a "red/green" dot scope

    ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1422818387.748066.jpg

    I uploaded this foto on an earlier post.
    Happy as !

    Cheers Bucky

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    marlin Leavergun scope

    I use a Leupold VX2 ..1-4x20 on my 1895 in 45-70.
    Great scope for the use of both eyes focused on your target.
    Have over 500 shots on this scope with no failure.
    Loading some very hot loads 350 gr, copperjacked hard cast lead.
    2400 fps 3200 ft #.
    This will take down any game in the world.
  8. Tom2506

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    Fastfire III from Burris with a 3MOA dot. Very fast,light,and unobtrusive. I have one on my muzzlestuffer. When I have to switch on my Guide Gun due to eye issues this is what I'll use.
  9. jkingrph

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    I put one of the Leupold scout scopes on mine. I got some mount, cannot remember who made it , but it looks like and extended Weaver, or Pitacainny (sp) rail that mounts to the front dovetail and rear scope mount holes. It stops just short enough to allow my Lyman 66 receiver sight to remain in place. The scope is in QD Warne rings. Not a lot of magnification at 2.5x but plenty for the gun and caliber and it's easy to shoot, with no eye relief problems.