1895 series and others?

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    If his has been asked before, please excuse!!
    :eek:At what serial number Remlins did the new Marlin bunch get their functioning issues fixed!!
    :mad:I have read and experienced, at the local gun shop, some of the horror stories after the move to Remington!!
    There was an article in one of the gun rags that they had brought a guy in from the old factory to fix the mess!!

    I have a new model that shoots and functions as it should and is quite accurate!!:p

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    Well Stranger...

    Did you or are you looking to buy a specific Model Remlin...!?

    A 1895 perhaps...!?

    Around here...we usually introduce ourselves before posing questions to the membership...

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    Well stated, SHOOTER13, well stated.
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    I would avoid anything much further back than late 2013. But I have no evidence to back that up other than my observations. I always look at the barrel date codes when I look at a weapon and especially if it is a good example. I see a lot more today that look nice.

    One thing I notice, as I am in the market for a 336SS, every example I have looked at (when I had money to buy) and two I ordered in (and rejected) were from 2011 and 2012 so I passed though nothing particular set me off on them other than the transitional date codes. Since I live in the middle of the country I suspect dumping of old stock. I want a new date code and I got the moola to get it when one shows up.

    Some folks have a vested interest in running the new Marlin rifles down, either due to previous associations or other nefarious reasons I shall not go into. The internet is a powerful tool but you must crank the BS filter up to maximum sometimes and realize as well, there are two types of people who hang on forums of all sorts, 1) disgruntled old fat guys with lots of opinions and 2) enthusiasts who love whatever subject the forum is about and then 3) the maligned who bought something and are not happy with it and wish to let all know of it and seek revenge. Oops, that is three types, forgive me.

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    3crow--thanks for the information!!