1939 Marlin ( Sears Ranger ) fix

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    I took the old rifle to a Gunsmith to have it retapped for a scope base. The original DIY by previous owner was WAY OFF CENTER. With various rings, even adjustable ones could not get it to line up straight.

    After talking with the Smith he wants to mill a base for it using the original holes. He will offset the holes in the base to line up with the existing holes. I gave him the go ahead and will see what happens. The rifle shot good just could not get within 2" of center the way it was. He says the new base will be centered.

    The rifle came with front post and rear notch sights which have been removed and the dove tails filled in. It also was tapped on the left rear of receiver for Target rear sight. The rifle was not tapped for a scope as it came. When I did research on it Sears sold a Tap and Die set with base for $2.35 in 1939.

    When I got it last year it had a Ruger 10/22 base that had been JB welded also to make up for the improper fit to the receiver. The existing holes are for the 10/22 base.
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    Lol that sounds like a compound problem! Sounds like you have the correct solution in the works though. How much will the base raise the scope?

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    I don't know and the Smith didn't say. He has to mill a custom base so guess even he cant tell until its done and mounted properly. All I know is the new base will be Aluminum and custom fit to the gun. I wanted a two piece set but he said the receiver in front and back of the ejection port was so short that he doubted if it would properly mount any of my target scopes. So he will do a one piece.

    The old girl will just be shot off the bench in Sporter Class Bench Rest. So if I have to put on a cheek riser no problem, as I wont be hunting with it or shooting if Off-Hand.
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    SWO1, I really enjoy all of your interesting stories. Keep um coming. :))
    We can all learn from your experiences.