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Hi Folks,

I posted an intro, and it was suggested the people around here like pics of Marlins. We aim to please.

So, my grandfather was career Army. Was in the Third Army under Patton in WWII, marched across France in 1944. After WWII, he was sent back out for the Korean War. We have a lot of memorabilia and whatnot from his time in the service, and although neither I nor my father served (he was "between wars" and I was a hippie :eek: ), we have come to be quite proud of him in the years since. I now have a son who wants to attend West Point, and we are optimistic that, in light of recent events, the US may actually survive long enough for him to do that.

Anyway, grampa purchased (among many other things) a Marlin shotgun, reportedly in Japan, sometime during the Korean War (or possible right as it ended). In 1953, he shipped it back to my dad for his 16th birthday. My dad has had it since. It has been locked in the safe and basically untouched. Has had less than 100 rounds fired through it.

My son is into competitive shooting (NRA Rimfire), and also recently became of age to get his hunting license. So we are enjoying some quality time together at the range and in the woods (where all the animals hide behind trees and laugh at us). In light of all this, my dad decided to send the Marlin up to us, to give to my son for Christmas, from his grampa.

I processed it thru our FFL yesterday. Here it is. And yeah, it's a fairly long gun - my Anschutz (in pic) has a 28 inch barrel and is a beast, and it's actually longer.

I took the gun today to a local gunsmith who works on older guns. The butt cover had actually been nailed and glued to the butt - argghh! He thinks he can get it off ok, and we'll probably have to refinish the stock. I don't know whether the engraving came on the gun or not - my dad says his dad had it done in Japan. My grandfather's name is engraved on the trigger guard (pic omitted due to Interwebs privacy issuues, alas). Otherwise, it seems to be in very good shape and just needs a good cleaning.

Anyway, thanks for looking.



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