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I have not been on this site in a very, very long time. I use to have a boat load of 22's and 2 or 3 Marlins at one time not all 22's. I got so sick of the 22 shortage a few years back that I decided to sell all my 22's, after the third year of the shortage. Yes I know very dumb of me, just down right stupid. I had a Mountie that I sold along with my other 22's.

Now that 22's are back I have been buying all lever guns in 22 caliber. I would rather shoot my lever guns than a 10/22 or any other automatic. I just purchased a 1955 Marlin Mountie with the scope mount and a weaver scope on it off of GunsAmerica. It looks to be in really good shape with what the FFL holder say's is very good (New Looking) rifling. The gun is looking very good on the internet and he rates it at 95%. The rifle is suppose to be here on Tuesday at the LGS. So I am excited to own another Marlin and glad to be back in the group. I have already received the Williams FP 39 sights for it. I will probably take the scope off of it. I really like the Williams peep sights over all others. I have a set on a Browning BL-22.

Here are he internet pictures of it. Wish me luck on the condition but the FFL had very good reviews so I think it will be all good. Coming from NY so it probably wasn't shot a whole bunch.

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