1979 octagon 44 mag

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by 60modelGEP, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. 60modelGEP

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    Just traded for a 1894 Octagon manufactured 1979. Decent shape. Has a Boyd stock, otherwise looks good. Marked 1894 Octagon on barrel. Any information about the value and number produced? Thanks
  2. msharley

    msharley Well-Known Member

    Hey 60,

    Welcome to the Marlin Forum.

    Yep, see a case of "Octagonalitis" in your future.

    Should shoot really well.

    Later, Mark

  3. greyhawk50

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    Can't help you with any information, but welcome to the Marlin Forum.
    Hopefully answers will surface soon.
    Sounds like a nice rifle. Would love to see pictures.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the MARLIN Forum !!

    Pictures would be great...and help US help YOU!!
  5. FordTruck

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    Howdy and welcome to the camp from northeast Indiana. C'mon in towards the fire and have a set down on this block of oak. I can't answer your questions but there should soon be a Marlin expert come online to accommodate you. Uh, I noticed a serious lack of pictorial evidence you have the mentioned octagon barrelled Marlin. We like Marlin porn here.


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