1985 Peep Sights vs Open Sights

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by rmm8397, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. rmm8397

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    Just got my new 1895 CB and am interested in using a manual sight that is best for my old eyes with bi-focal glasses. Has any one had experience using a peep sight like Skinners Express Sight for the 1895 while wearing bi-focals?
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    First off welcome to the forum. I have not personally used the Skinner sights although I understand they are good quality. I do use the Williams peep sights on two of my older rifles and I wear bi-focals. For me, the peep sight is a big improvement. It has not made me a long range shooter, but it has doubled my distance from 50 to 100yds over the factory irons. Both of the rifles I refer to are only used for fun shooting...informal paper punching and target shooting during good light. For hunting I can't use the peep sights in low light situations so I am forced to use a scope.