1st Year Deer Hunting 2012

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    1st Year Deer Hunting 2012

    Our first year Deer Hunting.
    ..we got into this quite late in the season,like late october.
    we did our hunters safty online,and them took a class at Duncans Outdoor Shop
    in bay city,MI.

    we both scored 100% on our test.

    well next thing to do is find somewhere to hunt....
    ...that was easier said than done...
    so now the Wife is looking up places on the interent,craigslist...ect.

    we find one in Houghton Lake,40 acre's to hunt on....the bad....they want 1000 dollars to hunt on it.

    so off we go...keep on looking...then she finds it.....
    100 acre's in Onaway,MI. comes with a place to stay ,room for 11 people.
    it's a hunting Lodge.

    the price is right,well on to make a call to see what days are open,or if any.
    turns out they have the weekend of thanksgiving open.
    so we take thanksgiving and friday sat. & sunday.

    well we head out after work on tuesday,we don't get packed and ready till around 10 pm.
    we get there around 2:30 am thanksgiving morning....off to bed for a few hours of sleep.

    we go out hunting in the morning....thursday was 65° and I think it was to hot for the Deer,cause we saw none.

    we did see some turkey's.

    Friday morning just after sun rise we have 3 deer come in,only does...we need Bucks.


    then two more Does...again...we need Bucks!!

    well little did we know that would be the last of the Deer sightings for the Hunt.

    we had more Turkey's come Through again.

    We got to see some great looking sun sets,and sun rises!!!

    (but since I can only upload 4 images...I can't show them to you)

    Well in the End ...we kinda had fun.....

    thanks to all the great member on here for helping me along the way,and answering all my newbie questions!

    you can see more pics here
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    Good journal entries Rich...and hunting with your wife, priceless !!

    Enjoy the times together...the deer will eventually come under your sights.

    Seems when I go rabbit hunting...I see pheasants. Pheasant hunting...deer !

    Go figure...;)
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    You and the wife got the Hard part out of the way Rich...Got the gear, Place to hunt, went hunting, got skunked. You both are now OFFICIAL DEER HUNTERS....TURKEY ALSO !! Bet you are already making plans for next year....It will NEVER STOP NOW....:eek: You both had a Great time together....thats what counts most......I'm still eatin bloney smaches....LOL
  5. Rich1028

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    plans for next year...you bet!

    Where going for a longer time!!
    made the reservations already.
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    Thanks for the great post. Don't worry about being skunked on your first trip. IIRC I didn't get a deer until my 3rd hunt.

    Hang in there it will all come together one day.
  7. Gumpy

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    You were there. You tried hard. You had fun! Admit it. The thrill of waiting on the big one is like waiting on the lottery! You are hooked my friend!!! Is your deer season over? Our is not over until Jan 31st.
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    ours is over on friday here.
    the wife has the next two days off,and she has a friend that will let her hunt on there farm.
    she's on her way down to the gun shop to get tags.
    so she can hunt buck and doe there.
  9. Gumpy

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    Our deer season opens on Oct. 15 for bow and muzzle loader. Regular gun season opens Nov. 17. All seasons close on Jan 31st. Bag limit is one a day/one in possesion.