2 different Projectiles, one scope setting

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    My latest 270 challenge
    Man is this difficult !

    I was a little bored on Thursday, so I decided to have some fun.

    ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1415999628.196624.jpg

    The tight little group, top center of target is from Sierra 90gr varmit Projectiles.
    Recipe.... 62gr AR2209 (H414, H4350 equivalents). AOL 3.040"
    Real happy @110 meters.

    Next it was Woodleigh 150gr PP projectiles. Same distance
    Recipe.....49gr AR2209 (H414, H4350 equivalents.) AOL 3.160"

    Well I sprayed those Woodleigh Projectiles a little, and had no hope of getting things right.

    Back to the bench yesterday and I increased the AOL for the Woodleigh pills of 3 reloads to 3.236" and another 3 reloads to 3.351".

    I will also drop powder by for 2 more sets of 3 bullets, later today hopefully, to 1gr of powder under the load and 1.5gr of powder under my recipe.
    ie 3x48gr AR2209 bullets, and 3x 47.5gr AR2209 bullets, and see how they go

    Now for a reasonable calm day.
    That seems an almost impossible task lately.

    Cheers Bucky

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  2. oldbrass

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    Good shootin, Reloading is sometimes a relaxing aggravation haha....What I hate is when ya try several loads with no success...Then you go buy some cheap store bought and ring the bullseye

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    Did that with one of my 444's. Used H335 to get Hornady 265, Beartooth 290 & Cast Performance 300's to hit on the same vertical plane. So it's all just elevation. That's one of the things I like about the big bores, you have a big range of weights to work with.
  4. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    300 grainers seem to tumble, that's why I don't use them
  5. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member


    Unhappily...... I have given up on my project.

    Too many dramas, and causing me to
    Think too bloody hard

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