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Wouldn't believe it !

2 teenagers at the local gun club, and their Dad's purchased 2 Howa 1500's, in 223 Rem.
Both Stainless, with Hogue rubber stocks.

Both shot like crap, barely doing no better than a 3" or 4" group.

One approached me, then the other, in a matter of 2 days.

Here is what I did to the first, and with the other rifle, the owner wanted to do the same, under my guidance.
Both rifles now have become great Fox and Skippy guns.

1) remover the stock, and opened up the "float gap", paying attention to the gap between the barrel and the forend, as the end of the stock moves heaps, especially with bipod attached.

2) I did not have to shim the recoil lug, or the tang, as there was virtually no movement observed when i bolted it all back together (bonus there)

3) Found the lands, and the max length that I can go due to the magazine restriction

4) Made up some test rounds with different lengths, with my time proven recipe of 24.5grains of BM2 using 55grain Nosler Ballistic tip Projectiles.

Check out the foto's below, and the groups I have achieved, so far.
Fairly happy with that !

please note..
Not happy with standard Winchester rounds at all, they sprayed a fair bit.

Cheers Bucky
Good job Buckeroo.
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