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Shooting trips coming up

Bloody hell, in 6 weeks we are off to Bourke, in Northern New South Wales, for a weeks fun on the pigs, and goats.
Better get cracking on the ammo, re-checking, and re-calibrating everything.

I have also set up a trip into Western Australia

The "young Fella" Shannon, and me are a lot closer, to do some feral Camel, and Scrub Bull culling.
That will mean some serious firepower, and I have the right calibers for that !
No for the time ???.?........that may be a problem. !
With Shannon flying all over the world, diving, and me living 4000 km away, before we start an 8 hr drive to the property of 1.3 million acres, not 1.5 million, as I first quoted

Permits from the WA Police , working on that, with the Sporting Shooter's Association of Australia, who have been brilliant, to say the least, and are almost there, with that one.
The owner's permission...... Got that !... now to get it in writing, that's only a matter of a few emails
The Airlines, which I just need their Gun Policy, and that will be all good.
Plans are well under way.....funny thing is, in meeting the owner, in Perth, on Tuesday, if we had the time, he would have taken us up there that day.........bummer, but if I disappeared for a week, I wonder how happy SWMBO would be

Hope all the "ducks line up on this one",

Hope it all works out..... ?

Fingers crossed
Cheers Bucky

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The trip up to Bourke, is happening in just 6 or 7 weeks, but its the trip into Western Oz, that I am really looking forward to.
Making it happen seems like an impossibility, but it is slowly coming together.
It may require a quick trip over there, this year, to finish the groundwork, because the weather starts getting real hot, after September, and I don't fancy hunting in the heat of summer there, with tempweatures reaching up to 120 F.

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Have you got everything ready to go? How many times have you packed and repacked your gear? Lol! I usually go through everything daily just checking to see if I left anything out.

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Trip preparation !

Have you got everything ready to go? How many times have you packed and repacked your gear? Lol! I usually go through everything daily just checking to see if I left anything out.


Its 5:00 am here, I have had "bugger all sleep", but I hope I have answered your question

No idiots are allowed, and its by invitation, or recommendation only :mad:

SAFETY is paramount, and we have our rules.
Anyone breaking them is kicked out. :mad:
this year there are 10 of us going.

I like to take my vehicle, a Nissan Patrol, and tow a 6X4 Trailer, as it's a lot more comfortable than the Utes, (Pick-ups) the rest of the boys take, and we shoot out of, once we are up on the Stations. The lads who travel with me, share the fuel costs

Packing is done only once, but everything is laid out, in the shed, the day before. Anyone traveling with me, roll up to my place, and its all go
Takes about 1 hour.
The last thing is a waterproof tarp covering everything, and tied down, so nothing bounces out, or gets wet.

Rifles are packed in hard cases, and travel in the Patrol, and are packed in between sleeping bags, and soft clothes bags.

Waterproof clothes bags are packed in the trailer, along with ammo boxes, and knives, and various personal killing things, that we like to take
We use lots of quality plastic bags, as the majority of us work in a Milk Bulk Powder Packaging plant, supply is not an issue.

Pots, Pans, and portable stoves, plates and other eating gear, go into the trailer in crates.
Water, and spare fuel, chain saws, axes. Ammo, and cleaning gear, go into Military Boxes also go into the trailer.
Don't forget the Beer, for those nights we are not "spotlighting", and sitting around a big fire, and use lots paper towels, to wipe our chins, as we "dribble shit", all night :D:p

Personally, I just make sure that I have plenty of SOX and Jocks, and my Camouflage gear, Usually Oz Cams and a warm top for Pig, and goat hunting. My Gaiters.
Some "Clean Clothes" to travel up and back.
2 sleeping bags, and my Swag, as the temperature drops away to -5c at night.

All in all, its real good fun

Cheers Bucky
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