2013 Spring Turkey Hunt Thread

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    Those pop-up blinds are a trick....fight with em and all of a sudden they just fold up like you know what you're doin....LOL.

    Took the granddaughter out for her first time this morning. She lasted 3 hours. But she had a good time. Heard a couple a good distance off. It was a great morning, sunny, calm. She couldn't believe how the birds and squirrels just come right to you and don't even pay attention if you are still and quiet. She learned to work the box call and swore she saw and heard a 100 the first hour....:) She kept mistaken woodpeckers for gobblers and other birds for hens. She did good for her first time.
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    whew. 5 seconds to get the pop-up blind out of the pack. 25 seconds on putting it up for the first time. 10 seconds on taking it down and an hour trying to get it back on the pack.

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    Lack of TChickens

    Same here in Connecticut, the birds that are here are very illusive. The snow is almost gone so hopefully that will bring them out.
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    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – According to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), young hunters ages 6 to 15 years harvested 3,915 turkeys during Missouri’s 2013 youth spring turkey hunting weekend, April 6-7. The total included 2,933 adult gobblers, 72 bearded hens, and 910 juvenile gobblers. Top harvest counties were Franklin with 106 birds checked, Greene with 77 and Callaway with 76.

    In 2012, young hunters harvested 4,319 turkeys during the youth season with top harvest counties being Franklin with 119 turkeys checked, Osage with 93 and Callaway with 81. The 2011 total was 3,898. Youth had their first separate spring turkey hunt in 2001 with a total harvest of 2,530 birds.

    The 2013 regular spring turkey season runs April 15 through May 5.
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    Anyone seen whether MO's turkey have learned to use a snorkel? Dang rain...but I reckon it beats last year's drought.