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Oct 31`- 1 Nov is early youth season. The Bawana is already to go. tomorrow will sight in the Deer Rifles on the new 100 yd range. Bawana shoots a Marlin 7X youth model in .308. Carson the oldest, now that he is 16 no Youth season for him. Carlie the 12 yr old grandaughter wants to go this year. I will use the Savage 101 in 30-06.

Sat-Sun highs will be mid 50s. Just about right for hunting. Night time lows in the lower 40s. Good temp to let em hang for a few days.

I sat in the deer stand this morning and about 0900 a small doe wondered up and hung around for a good 20 minutes. She was about 50-70 yards out most of the time and at one point came to within 20 yards of the deer stand.

Regular season starts the 14th of Nov. First 11 days are "Any Deer"
Good luck to you and your huntin buddies. Hope ya all limit out.

My season ended today, unless I can find some more tags in other counties. My bus drivin days have hurt my back and legs. I did get out, but only one day. I hurt so bad after walkin for just a short walk in the woods I spent most of the day in a ground blind. There was not a soul in the woods that day...I had it all to myself but I didn't see anything and couldn't call one in. Better luck next time I guess.

Fingers crossed for your good luck.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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