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2015 Missouri Deer Season

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Oct 31`- 1 Nov is early youth season. The Bawana is already to go. tomorrow will sight in the Deer Rifles on the new 100 yd range. Bawana shoots a Marlin 7X youth model in .308. Carson the oldest, now that he is 16 no Youth season for him. Carlie the 12 yr old grandaughter wants to go this year. I will use the Savage 101 in 30-06.

Sat-Sun highs will be mid 50s. Just about right for hunting. Night time lows in the lower 40s. Good temp to let em hang for a few days.

I sat in the deer stand this morning and about 0900 a small doe wondered up and hung around for a good 20 minutes. She was about 50-70 yards out most of the time and at one point came to within 20 yards of the deer stand.

Regular season starts the 14th of Nov. First 11 days are "Any Deer"
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Well good way to get the season started. LOL Bawana got him some tail. That has to be special out hunting with your grandkids.
Wonderful, just wonderful. A memory that will last a lifetime and an opportunity for a young hunter to learn how it's done. Great job grandpa!!!
Thanks for the report. Kinda makes my day.
Will go back out about 1400. Carson didnt get up this morning but is now and will go also. Stopped at my brother-in-laws after getting Bawana a Doe tag. Henry got an 8 pointer and a button buck, both shot about 15 minutes after Cameron got his. He is about .5 miles down the road from my place. Said he saw 3 more does but passed on em. They like to cross the road in the afternoons over to my side.
Nothing this evening. Never even heard another shot close. Carson left his stand south of me at 1630. Had a Chili Supper to go to, a bowl of chili in the hand is worth more to him than a deer in the bush .... LOL.

A little before 1700 the Bawana and me had one out in the brush at the top of the North Draw. Got some glimpses of it but never good enough to tell what or how big it was. It never got to within 100 yards of us. We stayed till 1732 .... half hour after sunset.

Carlie, the grand daughter will go out in the morning with me. She will shoot Bawana's .308. She does good with it. Carson maybe again he said. Carlie has never got anything, turkey or deer. Hope she gets her chance tomorrow. Gonna get down to 39 tonight so will let Bawana's hang till we come in about 10 tomorrow.
Awesome reports ! And congrats to Bwana ! I missed a nice spike during regular season last month. Shooting downhill @ 140-160 yards (got the angle wrong) aimed at the shoulder and shot right over his back. This week is late buck for 4 days, my last chance this season. The deer are there, it's the hunter competition that's the challenge. :( Good luck to you & yours !!
Hope you get yours tahoe2. I really dont care about shooting them any more. I get a bigger kick out of seeing grand kinds get em, same for fishing.

Nothing this morning as it was overcast and a little chilly with a NW wind. Not a good direction as it was right into where they are. Carlie wanted to pack it in at 0930 as she didnt eat breakfast and was hungry and I know she was cold, she shivered a lot .... :p some bad storms comming in tonight thru Tues so I probably wont go out again till Wends. Would like to have one more at least and 2 more would be good.
Change of plans ..... the sky has cleared and rain forecast not until after dark tonight.The Bawana and me will go down to the two man stand at the bottom of the North Draw. I did some brush hogging earlier last week and its good to go. My neighbor has been seeing some down that end in the evenings.
Saw zip tonight. Jack the neighbor on the north was out in his shed that overlooks 20 acres of field and bordering tree/brush line. Its just up the hill from my stand and we could scope out about 15 acres of open spots and tree/brush line. there is a wet weather creek with ceders between us. We both can see each other. So we had the area pretty well covered. Rain coming in tonight with heavy rain thru Tuesday. So probably a couple days off.
Nothin new lingr. been twice and seen nuttin. Slicing up venison this morning for curing and then Jerky tomorrow evening or Sunday. Have the back strap and other assorited parts done. The 2 hams and 2 front quarters to go. Havnt weighed any yet as I will do that before I mix up the cure. I have three flavors, Hickory, Mesquite, and Spicy Jalapeno. about 3/4 will be in Hickory and Mesquite. All but Carson, my oldest grandson and me like a little kick still in ours .... :) I will also send some to my Uncle Leon in Va.

I have a haircut appt at 1100 and then back to the venison this afternoon. Tomorrow at 1300 will go to a local High School Football game at 1300. then to my grand daughers All District Band competation. The High School football team is playing to go to the State Championship game Next Saturday. Its in St. Louis so wont be going out there.

I might get in a few hours Saturday Morning before the ball game. But for sure Sunday, Mon, and Tues. they are the last 3 days for antlered deer before Alternitave method (black powder and pistol).
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Our gun season opens tomorrow! I'm not gonna get to go, but o still have a couple months Left. Granddaughter's playing basketball this year and her first game is tomorrow.
Gun season opens for me here in MS tomorrow also. My son-in-law, his Dad, a friend of ours, and myself will be heading out just before 6am. Sunrise is at 6:30. Been getting 2 eight points, 4 point, several spikes, and a whole slew of doe's on camera. Maybe one of us will bag something.
Good luck! Be careful and let us know how it goes.
Im tired of slicing meat. With the back strap and assorted other side meat, and about 1/3 of a rear ham I have 18 lbs of GOOD strips for jerky. Man that rear quarter sure had some good meat on it. I just might save me some steaks/roast/and stew meat from the other one. The 18lbs are in the frig with the cure on em. Will let em sit for probably 48 hours and then Jerk it Up .... :D
First batch of Jerky came out at 1030 this morning. Its Hickory flavor and pretty good. Have another batch of Mesquite in now. Will be ready at about 1245. Then I think I will go out for a while this evening. Its 35 right now, partly sunny and not getting much warmer the rest of the day.
Batch of Mesquite is out. The kids say they like it better than the Hickory. Have another batch of Mesquite in and will be done by the time I get back in from Hunting. Will send some to my Uncle Leon in an Assisted Living Facility in Va, of both flavors and see which one he likes best, then will send some more of that. He probably killed more Squirrel, rabbit, ground Hogs than any man alive or gone .... :eek: He always had a dog that was named Jack. When it got replaced it was Jack also. Later on in life after he quit hunting his companion dogs were named Rover. Except his last one which was Stubby (no tail of course) It was an Australian Healer ..... LOL. Soon after Stubby died he went into assisted living. I know he misses having a dog. My mom said he quit school in about the 8th grade because they wouldnt let him bring his dog.
Great memory, great story. Thanks for sharing.
My niece and her husband came in from Texas for Thanksgiving. They have 60 acres about 2 miles down the road from me. I thought he had cattle on it so didnt think about hunting there. But while they were here he moved his cows onto my brother-in-laws place so he could feed them over the Winter (9 mommas and 6 calves) turned out they were not there at all but at a friend of theirs place. So think I will wonder on over next week and try it there. He has some food plots cleared, a nice pond that is over looked by a small hunting shack.
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