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22 Lr deal with it

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So 22lr is as high as their 9mm deal with it At 33cents a round:confused:
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I don't buy from rip off price gougers. I will let my .22 guns sit before I will ever pay those prices for ammo.
I would agree with straightshooter when it comes to standard 22 fodder - except -
That is not a bad price for Rem. Eley Match EPS Ammo according to my web search. Need to compare apples to apples.
Bass Pro has $10.99 for the Target and $12.99 for the Club Xtra / 50. (not EPS)
Brownell has the Match for $18.99 (EPS) and the Target for $8.99 / 50. (not EPS)
Gander Mountain has the EPS for $29.99.
Lohman Arms has the LPS for $18.99 / 50.
Plus, Most suppliers show this ammo to be out of stock.

I wouldn't pay that price for hunting, target practice or general purpose ammo. (Some call it Plinking. To me, Plinking sounds like shooting cans at the local land fill - although that sounds like fun)
However, my son shoots 22 rim-fire competition at our Gun Club and he wants extreme accuracy. I'm talking 5 shots in the same hole. To get that, he buys the high dollar Wolf Match Grade Ammo. He shoots a tricked out 10/22 and a CZ Match Rifle. Without having what shoots best in your rifle, you might as well stay home.
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I hit 2 LGS and Bass Pro for 22LR.

First has 100 round boxes of mini mags $8.99 each (limit 2), the 300 boxes of the Choot 'Em for $24.99 and bricks of CCI Quiet for $27.99 They also had Green Tag for $16.99 per 100. The overall limit was 500 rounds, so you could get 500 mini mags for $43 or a brick of Quiet for $28.

Second one had bricks of Quiet for $27.95, bricks of American Eagle (AE22) for $34.95 and Green Tag for $16.95 per 100. Overall limit also 500 rounds.

Bass Pro had nothing.

The Quiet works well in my bolts and levers, but my Model 60s don't like the American Eagle. I really don't want to buy mini mags branded for Swamp people. Got 1000 rounds of CCI Quiet for $55.94.
I`ve been finding 300 brick for $18, not like the good ol days but its ok
Thankfully "Santa" got us quite a few a couple yrs ago. With what I had, plus what we picked up shortly before the ammo shortage we have a nice number of 22 ammo.
Match grade 22 is no longer made in the US. Last was Federal UM1 in the 70s. Only thing close now is Federal UM22 and its loaded and imported from Europe.

Forget Winchester, Federal, CCI and Remington. Their market has changed and products reflect it.

Match grade in decending order from best to least

ELEY - Made in England
Lapua - Made in Germany
RWS - Made in Germany
SK - Made in Germany
Wolf- Made in Germany
Aquila - made in Mexico

Prices range from $10=25 depending on mostly the gun and shooter.

You can get all you want from:

Killgoughs in Texas
Champion Shooters Supply, In Ohio I think
Brunos In Arizona

They all sell by the box, brick or case. Prices have went up from 5-10% over the last two years.

The Remington/Eley Match mentioned earlier is NOT the same as Regular Eley Match at a higher price. Its reboxed Eley that did not make the grade for Match by Eley.

Dosnt kill squirrels, cans, or do mag dumps out of an auto any better. BUT ..when you are shooting at a Bull at 50 yards that is .10", and the X ring is inside that it makes a difference.
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I did not know that,SWO1! Thanks for the info. Why is it that we quit making match grade?
I did not know that,SWO1! Thanks for the info. Why is it that we quit making match grade?
Thats a long debated subject on a lot of rimfire forums. I think it was the cost of Quality Control. The components, brass, lead bullets, powder is about the same for Match Grade vs say Remington thunder bolts, or Remington Golden bullets. Quality control is highly human hands on and costly. For example Eley subjects every Tenex round to numerous Automated and manual inspections. Their priming system is reguarded as the best. Consistant and accurate 22 is just like center fire. Every round has to be the closest to the same in all aspects of the round. In centerfire ALL the Match grade is Hand loaded by the shooter, the ones that win anyway. Hand loaded 22 is not even allowed in ANY shooting venue. It is highly dangerous to produce due to priming, and Cost prohibitive. Companys like Eley, Lapua, ect made the decision to produce the BEST in the world cost not considered. Kind of like their Guns, Cars, ect.

The best rim fire rifles, pistols are also left to the Eupropeans. Winchester and Remington used to rule the Match shooting world with Win Model 52s, and Remington 40Xs. But sadly they are no longer made either.

Now to compete Anshultz costing thousands, and then rebarrel them, custom made bench stocks, Optics that cost many thousands, bench equipement, rests and bags and its Nothing for a top shooter to throw over $10,000 on the bench and burn thru $200 worth of ammo in a practice session.

Like putting Match grade ammo, the best bench equipment and optics on a Marlin 60 or Ruger 10/22 and think you will be competative .... Aint gonna happen. Use racing fuel, a custom paint job on the family sedan and go race NASCAR ...... same thing.

Now understand I am talking about shooting paper at 50 yards, or 50 meters for those across the pond. Americans seem to want Low cost ammo, High Velocity, low cost guns that sling the lead from a 20-30 round mag for hunting and general shooting. and nothing wrong with that, that is the market here.
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