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I hit 2 LGS and Bass Pro for 22LR.

First has 100 round boxes of mini mags $8.99 each (limit 2), the 300 boxes of the Choot 'Em for $24.99 and bricks of CCI Quiet for $27.99 They also had Green Tag for $16.99 per 100. The overall limit was 500 rounds, so you could get 500 mini mags for $43 or a brick of Quiet for $28.

Second one had bricks of Quiet for $27.95, bricks of American Eagle (AE22) for $34.95 and Green Tag for $16.95 per 100. Overall limit also 500 rounds.

Bass Pro had nothing.

The Quiet works well in my bolts and levers, but my Model 60s don't like the American Eagle. I really don't want to buy mini mags branded for Swamp people. Got 1000 rounds of CCI Quiet for $55.94.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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