22 rimfire ammo beginning to flow, at least in my area.

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by greyhawk50, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. greyhawk50

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    Made a trip to my (not so) LGS today.
    The ammo shelves were well stocked with every type that you might want.
    They had ammo stacked on the floor between the aisles. Amount that supply was some 22 rimfires. They had the Federal Match in the 500+ bulk packs for $59.95. I thought that was pricey even for Match Ammo. They also had Federal Auto Match in the 325 Bulk Packs for $22.95. That was more reasonable. The employee said that deliveries of ammo was improving.
    At least it it starting to hit the Shops in my area.
    My son-in-law works for a large firearm, ammo and hunting/shooting supply wholesale warehouse.We've been on the "wish list" for employee purchase for several months. Last week, they let him have 6 boxes of the Federal Auto Match 325 Bulk Packs that weren't shipped to a dealer.
    I just hope that when things level off that the industry doesn't take a dive. :confused:
  2. FOUR4D4

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    The local gun range and Walmart have said their getting more ammo. The gun range has gouged their prices on ammo

  3. SWO1

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    At least there is something availiable in your area Grey. You're right about the price on Federal Match....a little high...about $20 high for around here. But if your gun likes em....;) Mine don't...The Auto Match runs good in my revolvers. Price isn't always a gauge . I pay $61 for Eley Target for 500. Its the lowest Eley but shoots real good, as good as the $160 stuff in my guns. The Remington Green Box is good also but havnt seen any for quite a while. Mostly still shoot the Aguila for $50 a brick....matches my ability and has always been availiable.

    Funny how the High end Match stuff never got scarce..Eley Tenex, RWS, Laupa Midas, All at $160-210 a brick.....:rolleyes: Once in a while I pop $30-40 for a couple of 50 round boxes just to remind me of what REALLY GOOD .22 SHOOTS LIKE.....:D Its a shame the best isn't made in America.
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    The local shop in McKenna got some in yesterday..limit one brick per customer, Of course I snagged one