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At least there is something availiable in your area Grey. You're right about the price on Federal Match....a little high...about $20 high for around here. But if your gun likes em....;) Mine don't...The Auto Match runs good in my revolvers. Price isn't always a gauge . I pay $61 for Eley Target for 500. Its the lowest Eley but shoots real good, as good as the $160 stuff in my guns. The Remington Green Box is good also but havnt seen any for quite a while. Mostly still shoot the Aguila for $50 a brick....matches my ability and has always been availiable.

Funny how the High end Match stuff never got scarce..Eley Tenex, RWS, Laupa Midas, All at $160-210 a brick.....:rolleyes: Once in a while I pop $30-40 for a couple of 50 round boxes just to remind me of what REALLY GOOD .22 SHOOTS LIKE.....:D Its a shame the best isn't made in America.
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