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    Went shopping today at a new store that just opened up here at the mall.Its called Rural King I was standing there to ask a few questions on a holster. When the customer in front of me asked about 22 short and he said yes they have them. I didn't think anything of it till he reach further down the counter. Than where I thought they were.

    I decided to ask If they had any 22LR and he said yes. There was a limit of 2 boxes per customer 100 Winchester super X for $6.99.I don't know why but I couldn't get my wife to go back and get 2 more :mad: Now I'm mad. I get in the car and the receipt says limit 6boxes on ammo so now I'm even more steamed :mad: So on the way home there are 2 restaurants right next to each other I want pizza she wants Chinese don't ask who won that one.
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    So, how was the Chinese? :D

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    Ya gotta love married life!
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    Well I haven't turned in my man card yet
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    Glad you got some four.

    When momma ain't happy ......NOBODY is happy ....... :D