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I recently bought a NIB 1894CL .32-20 rifle made in 1990. Really pleased with the rifle, brand new, original JM quality, etc., etc., etc..

After cranking the lever a bunch of times there was a hitch in the stroke just after the bolt started to open (important to note that the rifle is not loaded and has not been fired at this point). After a couple of additional cycles the lever jams hard and will not open at all. Remember there are no cartridges involved so this can't be the "letting in two" or "Marlin Jam".

So next thing I know I am tearing down a new gun looking for a jam. First time apart all I find is some upset metal on the carrier in areas that nothing touches, some massive burrs and rough parts. After cleaning these up, rifle goes back together and again jams hard again on the first cycle. So back apart.

Reassembling the rifle and testing after every piece by reinserting the lever, the problem is squarely in the carrier and in the carrier plunger specifically. Looking closely the wire of the coil spring can be seen between the shoulder of the plunger and the side of the carrier. This indicated the plunger is out too far and the square edge of the lever is hitting the side of the plunger rather than the ramp of the lever hitting the tip of the plunger and riding over it. The wire also prevents the plunger from going back into the hole in the carrier. Looking at the retention of the plunger, Marlin place a washer over a step on the end of the plunger and tried to brad or rivet it over to retain the washer as a cap. Bradding operation failed spectacularly and washer came off in my fingers when I touched it. Clearly a warranty issue on a new weapon except for the 26 year gap.

So I put everything back together and enlisting the aid of a brass bench block, a Starret 1/8" punch and small hammer proceed to reseat the washer and brad/roll the stepped end of the plunger over the washer very firmly locking it into place. Reassembled the rifle and it now functions as it should.

I also order one of the hardened replacement plunger/spring kits that uses a 1/8" e-clip to retain it in place for the spares kit.

So apparently it is not just the new Remlins with new quality issues.

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