270 Winchester load.

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    i have been working on a good load for my Remington M700 in 270 Win. the load so far that is showing some good results is this.

    Hornady 140gr BTSP Interlock bullets, IMR4350 powder starting with 49.0 gr. up to 51.0 gr. of powder. MV should range from about 2600-2800 fps. still in the fine tuning stage i got one 5 shot group at about 3/4" in spread. one 5 shot group was a little over an inch in spread. it still needs improvement, but is working up nicely. might have to do some accuracy improvements to the rifle. it as the others are works in progress.
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    Thanks for sharing! Can I copy your recipe?

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    axxe55...that Hornady 140gr BTSP is a good bullet. The biggest deer I've ever taken was using that bullet in my 270win Howa. I find the 270win to be pretty easy to load for with a variety of components.

    You can't go wrong with IMR4350 or IMR4064. I've used the Hornady 130gr SP, 140gr BTSP and the Sierra 150gr BTSP. The 130gr Hornady and 48grs of IMR4064 resulted in the two longest shots I ever made...330yds and 270yds. You are on the right track. I know you will get that combination shooting. Good Luck!
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    yes you may Four. i listed it for you as you were interested in my results from my 270.

    hyphen, i have always liked the 270 caliber and Hornady makes very good bullets. that bullet is more of a hunting bullet, but my primary concern is accuracy. as stated, this load is still a work in progress, by so far so good. i also plan to try some different powders and bullet weights just to see what my results are. i do have the IMR4064 and IMR4895 powders and will also try them out. i like the IMR4350 for it's versatility in many different calibers. i use it in about 6 different rifle calibers. very good powder.