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3 new Ranges this fall/winter/spring

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Today I brush hogged a 100 yard lane out from the back porch. I will build in a 12X12' room onto the end of the covered porch. I have a vent less propane wall heater I will install and hook into the large tank about 30' away. I also have a small room air conditioner I will install for summer time. On the outside wall looking down the 100 yard lane will be a Bay Window "with a concrete bench" for shooting/practice in the colder months. I will put up an earth berm backing a target frame for .22 only at 50 yards.

Just up from the range house at the pistol range I will put in a 35' X 50' range for shooting Bowling pins. It will have metal tables concreted in. Pistols are shot at 25' and 22 rifles at 50'.

And just up the field from the bowling pin range I have brush hogged a lane 115 yards long. I will relocate my 100 yard range there. New concrete bench, covered. The covered bench will be just in front of the pond, nice view ..... :)

I think I have more fun building facilities than using them ...... :p

I will have a bulldozer come in and level the lanes and push the dirt up for the berms. Pics as I proceed. I need to get started on the room SOON. Winter is a comming.
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Lucky. Sounds like great projects.
I wish you were my neighbor...haha
It has to be nice to have a range where you live and can use it whenever the mood strikes you.
I envious and yet happy for you. I'm sure that it will be greatly enjoyed.
Start today on the 12'X12' room off the South end of my screened in porch. It will contain a concrete shooting bench for Winter/bad weather practice with the 22 bench gun. Picked up lumber and supplies yesterday. Its 58 this morning and a good day for outside work. Hope to get the South wall with siding done today/tomorrow. But rain maybe forcast tonight into tomorrow.
I tried to beat the weather yesterday, I framed the concrere Pad that will be the extension from the room my shooting bench will be in. I have the window and knew the deminsions the pad should be, 31" wide, 2' long and 16" deep. As I started to frame it up it started to sprinkle, but I was determined to get it done yesterday. In my haste I made one mistake, I framed it only 24" wide ....:mad: I had in the back of my mind deminsions I had figured for a different window. Now as I sit here, IN THE RAIN, this morning I ponder my options. I think the best thing short of returning the window I have and order a new one to fit the pad is to frame a larger addition onto the now drying and existing pad and pour more concrete. That will probably be Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime I will continue on the walls. I am usually not that impatient when building.
I think we need to start calling you the Range Wizard. :D
I think we need to start calling you the Range Wizard. :D
Better yet, the range wizard who posts pictures of e progress
Cameron and myself are taking our afternoon break. Here is what is done so far on the room.

Pic #1 ..... the South wall is done with Low-E foil backed insulation over plywood. The siding will go on over this. Will get that done this afternoon.

Pic #2 ..... Inside the room, with Air Conditioner in and the Window I will install on the East wall.

Pic #3 .... Looking out to the Target Frame, 50 Yards out. It shoots a little Up Hill like my big range.


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Nice work!
The siding is on the south wall. Still have to do a little trim work but that will wait till the East wall is done. Here is a pic of the finished siding.

Tomorrow will start framing the East Wall. My concrete pad will be dry enough to remove the forms and form up the 7" in width I need. Tomorrow will be a short day as I have to leave for the weekly Match at 1500.


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Got the forms off the pad and added on a 7" width extension, all formed up. Now have to run the neighbor to town at 0930 at which time I will pick up more Quickcrete, 3 80 lb bags and some rebar. Should have it poured by noon or so. Plenty of time to leave for the BBQ and fun match. Will pick up The Bawana at school, he gets out at 1505. Probably wont get much done on the East wall today, if any. Tomorrow is another day, Im not rushing it, so NO MORE MISTAKES ...... :p
The pad is poured, right this time ...... I think...:rolleyes: Out of time for today. Time to get ready to go to the match. Have to round up Camerons gear and mine. Still have to get cleaned up, concrete work is messy. Tomorrow will start on the East wall. Now that the pad is poured I know how and where to tie the wall into it. Decided the 2' x 2' extension will be square and not one with angles, Dont need it pretty just functional. But it will be sided and trimmed to match the rest of the house. After the East wall is done I will lay the block for the bench. I will frame and pour the top "in place". The bench top will only be Right Handed and not full width/length like the three on the big range. It will be made to fit me and my gear. More pics comming tomorrow.
good shooting in the match
Thanks Matt. Tonight is the BBQ and "Fun Matches". Fly targets, something about a "Cold Barrel" shoot, dont know what that is.....:confused: Next Monday is the IR 50/50 match.

I have a line on a club in Houston, Missouri. Its about 2 hours from here. They are starting to shoot ARA. Will have a club match 5 Sept. and 3 Oct. Next year they want to hold official ARA shoots. ARA is the next step up from 50/50. .5" bull but scored "worst edge". I will give it a try.
The East Wall is framed in but no sheathing yet. Tomorrow will lay the block for the supports for the Bench Top. I will frame in and pour the top "in place" Every thing should be ready to go by next week. Will still have to do the inside, walls, floor, and ceiling. But it will be air conditioned and heated so working inside will be good to go no matter the weather. Of course will have to take a break every so often and shoot some out the window ..... :D
The blocks for the bench top are layed. The Bench Top is framed in. Most of the sheathing is on. Now have to figure a way to put a roof over the 2'X2' extension. No problem in doing it but right now with the window hung I have "NO" SLOPE. Will wait till Saturday when the mortor is dry on the blocks and pour the top. I should be able to lower the window at least 1" which will give me the needed slope. I had my front rest with gun and rear bag on the top and it lines up about 16" from the bottom of the target frame ....perfect. Laying level that low I will only need about a 4' berm behind the target frame. I have some old tires that I will stake down 2 deep and cover with dirt. Will only shoot .22s so it will be fine. That is unless a deer Just happens to wonder in between me and the target frame about the middle of Nov ....... :D But I have promised the wife I would not shoot from the porch.
You're the man with the plan.
Patiently waiting for pictures.
Poured the Bench Top yesterday. Today will figure the roof angle out, I have an Idea ... :p Might just work. In any case will have pics this afternoon I promise. Cameron is home today and he takes good ones. If all goes right should be shooting this afternoon. Monday is the IR 50/50 match and I havnt shot all week. I got my new rear bag yesterday, It was custom built by Protektor to be the right height and slope/spacing between ears for my stock.
Almost done .... with the outside that is. Got a good start this morning then the rain came in. I took an early lunch and back on it this afternoon. Didnt get the Foil backer on but it is now weather tight. I had to stop and shoot of course to check it all out. Its good to go. Really dark and I have to get some sort of light up. Also will need a stool to shoot as the chair I used is Way to low. The siding place is not open tomorrow and I have the match monday evening. So will be Tuesday before I can side it. Have to get my brother-in-law over with his break and bend some coil stock I have for the trim. Here are two Pics.


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