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30-30 ammo is gone

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I`ve been to 3 stores lookin for any 30-30 ammo, 2 store owners told me there isn`t any being made so they`re not ordering any.
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What? Thank goodness I've stuffed all the brass I could find for the dependable old round over the last two years. About 400 safely in storage at son-in-laws for his and the grandsons' 4 or 5 Marlin levers. And to hear someone say it's not used anymore...what the hell are these kind of folks even doing in a gun/sporting goods store's shooting department...never mind staffing it?

I guess it goes with the govt.'s intentions? Firearms make expensive clubs to swing when there' nothing to feed them. I know ammo Mfgs are pushing it to fill high-demand .223/5.56, .308/7.62 nato and the 9-45 autos plus 38/357s. I figure 30-30 production runs take longer to tool up than to actually make a big run of a few million rounds for the "hunting season". Wouldn't surprise me if it's another year on routine calibers before the SAAMI stds bunch get around to turning out their regular runs of the various calibers. I can't remember how many center fire rounds Hornady, Winchester or Remy can produce in a day, but I believe I read 4 million cartridges are being generated daily by at least one major producer. Uncle keeps sucking them up for more than we'd pay (we are through the tolls of labor & taxes). I can and then again can't fault ammo producers for biding/taking these contracts. They're keeping Americans working.

Good luck guys on securing what may need to be a "limited lifetime supply" of 30-30 rounds or at least the brass like hombre has to feel sated. Next time I'm in town...I'll take a gander and see what's here locally. SW01 said things good in his southerly MO area, should be similar at our two old shops.
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I checked our two bigger gun shops. Both have plenty of 30-30, 243, 270, '06, 300WinMag...but NO .22LRs at one and few at the other. Of course .223/5.56 have been gone for a while. Seems the panic mode buys or guys sacked them up hoping to gouge others with sky-high reselling...or big bunker stores???
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