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308 Marlin Express

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Hi to all!
I have a 308 Marlin Express and would like to know if the top rail like the one on the 45/70 will fit and does it use the sight dovetail?
I would like this rail to mount both the night vision scope and Nikon Prostaff scope.
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Welcome aboard kdmarlow. It sounds like what you need is a picatinny rail with multiple slot locations. You shouldn't need to mount anything in the dove tail itself. However, depending on objective lens and the position of your scope the rear sight may have to me folded down or removed. Ring height can have an effect on this as well. I usually prefer to go with a little taller ring set, than removing rear sights, but that's just me. Good luck.
Thanks for the Welcome
The trouble with the sight is that with the Leupoid base is that the sights can't be used after removing the scope.
I'm using the one piece Leupoid quick mount bace and rings. But if the 45/70 rail would fit that would work out great as it starts on the receiver and end forward of rear sight.
I'll let you and Hyph sort out your scope mount concerns.
But, Welcome to the forum. Should be interesting to see how things turn out with your 308 ME. Pictures would be nice. We like pictures.
I believe the same mounts work on the 336 and 1895, but since I don't have access to my safe right now I can't verify the hole pattern. Take a look at the link and maybe give Midway a call and ask how many receivers this one piece mount fits.

I hope this helps.
Just added some pictures for entertainment ( my 308 ME, Marlin Glenfield 22, LR-308(1,2&3) and the ATM night scope no pictures yet but building #2 5.56 and a LR-260,)
Found what I was looking for (XS rail and sight system) Mounts&pID=scopemounts

Thanks and as always Cheers!!
So speaking of the .308ME...the weather cooled off and I made it to the range for the first time in weeks. A fellow forum member and I have been talking about light bullet loads for his .30-30 while we have been house bound. So I thought what the heck...I'm gonna try them in my Marlin Express. So I loaded up a handful of 130gr Hornady spitzers and here's what I learned. It likes them, it really, really likes them.

Here's what it looked like. I started on the first target to shoot four or five rounds to walk it in close, Then I switched to a fresh target. I fired two shots marked them and made an adjustment. I did that one more time and then used my final four bullets. The elevation is perfect. The windage needs to move to the right maybe two clicks. For reference...the green square is 2"x2".

Edit Add: The three upper holes look big don't they?? The green square is taped to the paper. Every place a bullet hits the tape it seals up. The holes almost look like .243's instead of .308.


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what kind of tape is that?
It's the heavy duty Scotch packing tape. Probably over kill for taping targets, but that is what is in my tape gun now.
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