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336 Lessons (aka - Stop Being Friendly?)

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As a new shooter of about 18 months, I am finding an affinity for 336’s. My first one is a 2013 336W. The only thing I did was find a leather loop sling and wrap the stock with a shell carrier. After some practice out to 75 yards, I went on my first hog hunt and had the time of my life.

Upon my return, I received advice from every person that strolled past me at the range. I know we are a helpful bunch, but sometimes… This gist of responses to this newbie is that I should change the sights from ‘those awful buckhorns’ to a peep sight or similar form. This past weekend I did just that.

I purchased a set of Skinner sights for one and William Peep Sights for a second 336 I have. Again, all the "Helpful Gus’s" were about. Where 4 hours was spent coming to the conclusion that I need to get the ‘taller’ set of front sights. By this time, I’m starting to get mad at my frustration; partially, at all the advice, but mostly at myself for listening to them. I try to be friendly and engaging. I enjoy talking to folks. I welcome gathering knowledge. But there is a point.

As the sun was preparing to set, I now am merely trying to just have a relaxing time at the range. I pulled out my Rem 783 and embark on a new journey for me. Trying to shoot out to 200 and 300 yds for the first time, I review what I’ve studied all week on trajectory, drop, windage, etc. I fire off a few rounds. This time I’m flat out ignoring any advice. Fortunately, I have a crappy spotting scope so no one can see if I am even hitting the target. A nice younger guy nearby, seeing my frustration, simply look down on his and told me quietly that I’m getting a group and ‘have at it’.

Back to my Marlins. At the end of the day, as I’m sailing down the highway towards home, I find myself thinking “The original iron sights gave me a 4” group at 100yds”. This is my goal and so I’m simply going back to that and no more money and time wasted. I can go on practice my offhand skill. My only next purchase will be an original set of front and rear 336 sights for the used Marlins I’ve purchased.

[FONT=&quot]Mini-Punchline – Once home, there is a package waiting for me. It is a Leupol d VX-1 Hog 1-4. Arghhhh! It is so beautiful and the relief is perfect, and the reticle is so nice. Well, Satruday? Here we go!!! [/FONT]
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I'll report back after this weekend when I zero and start practice with a scope.
Right there with you @straightshooter.

I am on the fence when it comes to advice. Mind you, I have been known to completely frustrate others when in a classroom as I take full advantage and ask every question I want. My thinking has always been, "Hey I"m paying for this class. I'm getting my money's worth."

Now, for unsolicited advice. It does vary. If someone points out something that is sorely wrong or unsafe, I am grateful. For example, the first time I set up a rifle and a sand bag. the passing RO noted that I placed the barrel on the bag and simply made note that I should place the forearm on the bag for proper accuracy. He watched me for a few moments to ensure I was safe and moved on. No problem.

In contrast to quick advice, hovering over me until I finish my string followed with a discussion of how skinner sights are better than the OEM Buckhorn's is downright irritating. If I say something technically incorrect, I do not mind being corrected. I love to learn. I, also, love to figure things out and I do enjoy learning through asking questions.

Confused? here is the cliff note

1. If I am about to have an 'accident', stop me.
2. If i do something blatantly inaccurate (barrel on bag), feel free to correct during a break.
3. If I am using a product you do not prefer. Write a book and send it to me.

A good example is how I tried to clean a badly rusted 336 this past weekend. Now that has turned into a learning lesson. I think it is going to be an expensive lesson. But you know what? That is part of this sport.
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It's definitely all about what you prefer, it's your rifle. Makes me glad my Lyman receiver sight dialed in pretty easy.
heh heh -
I'm finding out that finding out what you prefer is the expensive proposition in time and/or money.
From the bench....for now. My goal is 4" off hand. So, time for more practice. :)
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