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336 Lessons (aka - Stop Being Friendly?)

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As a new shooter of about 18 months, I am finding an affinity for 336’s. My first one is a 2013 336W. The only thing I did was find a leather loop sling and wrap the stock with a shell carrier. After some practice out to 75 yards, I went on my first hog hunt and had the time of my life.

Upon my return, I received advice from every person that strolled past me at the range. I know we are a helpful bunch, but sometimes… This gist of responses to this newbie is that I should change the sights from ‘those awful buckhorns’ to a peep sight or similar form. This past weekend I did just that.

I purchased a set of Skinner sights for one and William Peep Sights for a second 336 I have. Again, all the "Helpful Gus’s" were about. Where 4 hours was spent coming to the conclusion that I need to get the ‘taller’ set of front sights. By this time, I’m starting to get mad at my frustration; partially, at all the advice, but mostly at myself for listening to them. I try to be friendly and engaging. I enjoy talking to folks. I welcome gathering knowledge. But there is a point.

As the sun was preparing to set, I now am merely trying to just have a relaxing time at the range. I pulled out my Rem 783 and embark on a new journey for me. Trying to shoot out to 200 and 300 yds for the first time, I review what I’ve studied all week on trajectory, drop, windage, etc. I fire off a few rounds. This time I’m flat out ignoring any advice. Fortunately, I have a crappy spotting scope so no one can see if I am even hitting the target. A nice younger guy nearby, seeing my frustration, simply look down on his and told me quietly that I’m getting a group and ‘have at it’.

Back to my Marlins. At the end of the day, as I’m sailing down the highway towards home, I find myself thinking “The original iron sights gave me a 4” group at 100yds”. This is my goal and so I’m simply going back to that and no more money and time wasted. I can go on practice my offhand skill. My only next purchase will be an original set of front and rear 336 sights for the used Marlins I’ve purchased.

[FONT=&quot]Mini-Punchline – Once home, there is a package waiting for me. It is a Leupol d VX-1 Hog 1-4. Arghhhh! It is so beautiful and the relief is perfect, and the reticle is so nice. Well, Satruday? Here we go!!! [/FONT]
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frgood; I feel your pain. I have a set of XS Ghost Rings in my parts box in the basement. They were supposed to be the best. I felt that the rear aperture was way too open and the front sight needed to be higher. That and the fact that the barrel on my 35 Rem. was about 2 degrees canted to the right and the rear sight ran out of adjustment before the point of impact was on. It worked fine with the factory sights or a scope. (that rifle is very happy at it's new home & I'm enjoying the 20 ga. O/U that I traded it for)
However, I do like the idea of peeps and I would consider Williams or Skinner Sights.
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