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336 lever still loose after replacing plunger and spring

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New to 336's, finally got a 1970 model after years of wanting one. The lever was very loose when purchased, replaced plunger, spring and pin but still have the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any advice
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Mine is slightly loose,but I suspect it was bent trying to force the action open ,only slightly but it’s enough that the lever when held tight to the action releases at 3 lbs,when held only by plunger tension releases at 4/5 lbs this is because the trigger release under the lever still rubs the trigger when under plunger tension,and when held firmly it pushes it a bit further and has no interference on the trigger,the cure?heat the guard and bend it so it holds tighter against the trigger safety block. Maybe yours was tweaked?Its not easy to do ,the levers are incredibly strong.( ask me how I know?)
just a thought,check the trigger plate for the pin that he plunger locks on,mine originally was missing that pin ,without it there’s nothing for the plunger to lock to,I even looked at a schematic that did not show or number for that showed the hole in the trigger plate but showed no’s just in front of the trigger.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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