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    New to the forum and had a question regarding replacement sights for my 336 30-30.

    The current front site has a brown/gold marking eerily similar to the color of deer. I know because last weekend the front site disappeared when attempting to zero in on a buck in the later hours of the day (ugh). That said, most of the replacement sight options seem to have an extremely high front sight. So much so that the rear sight cannot accomodate the rise.

    Is there a suggested or preferred manufacturer and model of replacement sight for the 336? (I searched the Lever Action forum, but did not see any recommendations.)

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    I'm probably the least knowledgeable to comment on this subject, but -
    I bought the XS Ghost Ring Sight for one of my 336's and wasn't pleased. I thought the rear aperture was too large leaving too much room for error. Maybe just me. The XS would make a great sight for a shotgun, in my opinion.
    I looked at the Williams Peep Sights as well as the Skinner Sight System. Either one looked to be an improvement over the XS. If it were me, I would consider the Williams. Although I have not bought either one.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    I put a "Williams" peep and front sight(Gold Bead) but have yet to try it on game, however Williams does make a Fire sight kit which puts two green dots (rear) with a red front sight. see midway.com

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    For starters I would try a dab of day glow orange paint on your front sight before I started buying stuff. If that doesn't improve the situation then try some of the other suggestions. I am a scope kinda guy for hunting, but I do have two rifles with Williams peep sights that work fine for punching paper to a 100yds.

    BTW welcome to the forum.
  5. chefmarlin

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    Wat year is your 336? I own a 336cs year 1986 and the rear sight is off to the right and I'm not sure cuase of the rear but the front sight seems to be off to the left.
  6. digjig

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    I added four thin layers of fluorecent orange paint on the front site bead. It really seems to 'pop' now. I will see how durable it is over time.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Rooster59

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    Between Marbles (my favorite, they offer orange fiber optic) and Williams surely they offer a front sight with very similar height. Check out the links provided in a previous post.

    Remember, front sights are measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the top of the sight. Not just the part that sticks out above the dovetail or ramp.
  8. akvs22

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    A installed the same Williams peep sight that FOUR4D4 posted in the link. It came with a replacement front sight too that is a red bead.

    They look great but it shoots high even at its lowest setting.

    I tried it out at 25 yards and it was about 3 inches high but the groupings were good.

    Not sure what to do next except practice aiming low and see where I'm at at 100 yards.

    Don't want to try hog hunting with this set up if I can't hit it at 100 yards.
  9. Plumber

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    You need a taller front sight. How much taller? Look here.