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336Y vs other 336 levers

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i own the 336Y 30-30 with the checkered pistol grip. I’m interested in putting a large loop lever on it to clear my gloves while deer hunting. My question is... is there any difference in the lever on the 336Y vs other 336 levers? Brownells has one that lists 336 pistol grips. Is the grip on the youth model shaped any different? Thanks for any help.
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Welcome to the forum! Let me do a little research for you.
I tried it for another guy. Took one from a 336BL (He ordered it from Marlin I think) and it went in and fit. The lever fit into the grip fine. It was that swap that made me want my own 336BL and 1895GBL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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