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    Shot a nice Canada Moose east of 100 Mile House last month while hunting with Windy Mountain Outfitters, guide Chris Condie. The Marlin 338 Express performed beautifully at 270 yards. One shot through the heart and lungs, he fell where he stood and never got up. I don't claim to be a good shot at that distance, but I was very pleased how potent that shot was even at that distance. I was using the Hornady FTX 200 gr. bullet. I will attempt to attach a couple of pictures. The weight was 844 lbs at the locker. That's a pretty big
    central BC moose. Antlers were 44 1/2 inches.

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    Wow Mon! That's nice! How are you going to get the rack through the door?

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    Place to put the moose antlers

    My office space is not big enough, my man cave, but they will look great above the stairs going up to my office, my wife got a new paint job for the whole stairway area and landing area out of it so she is happy also. It was one of the things on my bucket list.
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    Congratulations on both the moose and the shot!
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    Congratulations! Nice moose and one heck of a shot!