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This time of year it gets a little hectic, but I did make it to the range Friday morning. After running 4 dozen jacketed bullets down range the last few weeks for barrel break in, I'm finally shooting what this rifle was intended for...Cast Lead Boolits.

It did pretty well at 50yds considering I'm still in the very early stages of experimentation. So many powders so little time. I was also double checking a 30-30 while at the range. I just swapped rings and just needed two shots to make sure I was back on target. If you look close at the top target there are two 30cal holes touching side by side. The three shot 35-30 group touched those two holes and then goes down to the left diagonally. That was a mistake on my part. I never thought the two rifles would land that close together. You know if I wanted that to happen it wouldn't.

I think this is a good start and proves it will shoot cast bullets well enough to be enjoyable.


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