375 win. ammo

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by wingnuut, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Being in the commie state Mass , can't find any here ,and we can't order on line from mass no one will ship here , my son lives in Conn. I think they can still order on line, where is the best place to try.? for my 336 marlin
  2. hunter5567

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    I believe Wisconsin Cartridge loads for it but I don't know if they have any in stock. you might try Reed's ammo, Midsouthshooterssupply, Natchezss, MidwayUSA, Graf and Sons, Wideners.
    If you can receive a shipment by FedEx from an individual, I believe I know where a few boxes are of Winchester 375. It might be kinda high priced.

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    time to reload

    wingnut; you should seriously reload for that 375 Winny, I have been reloading for mine for 5 years, and love it!
    I can load cast 38-55 bullets @ lower (38-55 ) velocities for plinkin fun, or "souped up" jacketed loads for hunting.
    I have yet to bag a deer or bear with it yet, but I'm still trying!:D
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    .375 Winchester

    I agree, handloading for the .375 is the way to go. I can load mine from .38-55 pressures shooting 255gr LFP up to full power .375 shooting 220 gr Hornady JSPs.

    The last factory Winchester ammo that I saw, 200gr Power Points, was priced at $80; $4 a shot kind of takes the fun out of shooting.