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    Went shootin with my crusty old vietnam vet friend last weekend and he brought another one of his toys to the range, A Taurus Tracker 41 mag revolver with a 4 inch barrel, Its one of the nicest handguns I`ve ever fired,They don`t make it anymore but do make the 44 mag. Is there much difference between a 44 mag and a 41 mag ??
    I`ll admit this is the first 41 I`ve fired and it was a pure joy !! I`ve never fired a 44 mag and am told they kick like a mule...:eek:
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    The fans of one will tout their personal favorite even if they have zero experience with the other. Some will simply fall on the numbers in a chart somewhere.
    That said... I am a fan of the .41 mag and not so for the .44 mag errr I mean .429 mag. (if the .44 is so fantastic why the change to call the .429 a .44 just to make it sound bigger?) ;) Ok, seriously...
    For general shooting/hunting it's a .41 for me. It's plenty capable for all my needs and without the harsher recoil of the .44 counterpart. Gives a bit flatter trajectory over the .44 as well. While ammo selection isn't as noteworthy, that which is available is more than adequate for general use and most logical hunting purposes. In the later, it's shot placement that matters.
    Last big plus for me is the .44 is far too common - part I believe from the hype of the movies - and I simply prefer the different so in this case, the .41 mag. Yes, there's a .44 mag here, a single very customized Super Black Hawk and a stainless Bisley which is unfired and tucked away. There's 6 or 8 .41 revolvers here though and a 1894FG. Will happily take any of those over the equivalent in .44 any day. :)

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    This is some good stuff. Thanks!
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    Both cartridges have their following...and purpose.
  5. FOUR4D4

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    The .41 magnum was developed to fill in the space between the .357 mag and the .44 mag Thanks Elmer Keith
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    4D4's right. Keith lobbied to make the 41mag the standard police round. More power than a 357mag, easier to handle than a 44mag. I have both, (Ruger Redhawk, S&W Model 29), and like them fine. The 41's a lot more well mannered than the 44. The 44's recoil is severe and second shot acquisition is problematic, even for an experienced shooter. That said, it's extremely accurate and fun to shoot, as is the 41. The down side, unless you load your own, both are expensive to shoot and 41mag ammo can be hard to find.
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    Shucks...we all just need to hit the big jackpot on a 1 or 2 dollar ticket and BUY 'EM ALL! Lifelong buddy has a 29 in 41mag. Pleasant to fire repeatedly and not a wrist pounder. 44mag-Too much barrel whip/rise to make a quick 2nd shot. If a man wants to hurt something and himself at the same time...just buy a .460 or .500! Way too much energy in a handgun unless your face to face with a polar bear or brownie. I ain't never going that far north...as least in this life.
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    I've never got to shoot a 41 mag but I love and own a .44 and it's one of the best rounds I have had the pleasure of firing.
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    41 all the way

    Been loading and shooting the 41 mag for about 18 years, powder puff or full on Bear stopper loads, it will do it all and doesn't hurt like the 44. just my opinion
    Still looking for an affordable Marlin 1894 in 41 to go with my revolvers. :cool:
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