45-70 Crimp

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by Rooster59, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Rooster59

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    This is about getting the crimp out, not putting one in. Noticed last night when I took some Remington brass out of the tumbler that a lot of them still had some degree of the factory crimp in them. These are once fired factory Rem brass from two boxes of their 405SP that Annie fired in her 1895G.

    Maybe this is the first time I noticed it but I don't recall seeing that much crimp left in other factory loaded or handloaded 45-70 brass.

    Does this sound typical?

  2. oldbrass

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    My 30-30 brass has left over crimp also, I`ve talked about this with other folks and they said its fine for any cartridge.
    I reload with the lee factory crimp die and have excellent results.

  3. Hyphenated

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    This is not uncommon at all. See my post in the Cartridge Crimping thread. Lever guns operating in the lower pressure ranges just don't have enough oomph to take the crimp all the way out.
  4. Rooster59

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    I'm surprised the bullet could squeeze out without the crimp being removed. Maybe a little temporary stretch. That makes sense though. The factory Leverevolution rounds from my CB are smooth with no crimp left. Those have a quite a bit more punch to them.