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:D...uh, well ...I am not that much of a good sport, bear with me now;)...
...I meant that they already have the edge (Browns & Grizzly)
When you are in their "house", you are often the "hunted" :eek:
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE venison & elk, real good eating and can be very challenging to find & shoot...and am not passing judgment on those who hunt defenseless animals...but kinda became like shooting "fish in a barrel" or sniping...good spotting glasses, scope & hi-powered flat shoot'n rifle and they don't stand a chance.
I want to hunt where mistakes can be costly and experience the rush of bagging an apex predator.
That's why I switched to Archery...have to be heap good woodsman to sneak up within 35 yards of Bambi ;)

And sick puppy that I am, I've used a Glock 20 (10mm) for hog...
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