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No experience here with the 45 acp per say. Just an opinion. (everyone has one of those)
What handgun and what length barrel are you thinking about?
45 acp is legal for deer in Ohio with a minimum of 5" barrel.
I'm thinking limited range. Maybe 40-50 yards at best.
I'm thinking Powerball Ammo. Although the bullet is light, it does have impressive velocities.
Though a heavier bullet should give better performance.
The size of the deer will have an effect. We have large deer in Ohio.

The last medium sized doe that I shot was with a 50 cal. muzzle loader at about 50 yards. I was using a 200 gr. Hornady .429 XTP in a sabot at about 1900 fps. After hitting a rib and then hitting the liver, it failed to pass through. Expansion was excellent but it stopped just under the hide on the back side. I considered the max range on that bullet to be 100 yards because of the weight. A heavier bullet, (300 gr.) would have more sustained energy for better penetration maybe out to 150 yards.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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