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My analytical take on the video.

I agree with the 9mm handgun but it would have to be stainless steel. Prefer the 1911 clone style. I like the 1911 in 45 acp but my wrist won't handle the recoil.
The 10/22 is OK but I prefer a stainless Marlin Mod. 60 because I feel it has a stronger action. JMO. A speed loader would make a good accessory for the Mod. 60.
Mossberg 12 ga. pump is OK but being that my DW is a 5' 2" weakling, I would opt for the 20 ga. Either in a Mossberg or a Remington Express, with the extra barrel.
Don't agree with the AR. Would prefer a Marlin 30-30.
Not a fan of Mil-Surp so #5 would be a 22 Target Pistol. One needs to practice!!
#6 is a must in my state. A 50 cal. muzzle loader for deer.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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