5 hours to put up the Bawana's Tent !!

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    Family reunion starting tomorrow night thru Sunday. The Bawana will stay at the grounds with a bunch of others in tents and RV's. When we first loaded up the RV and tents it was 0730. 8 Miles to the grounds. As I set up the RV for my wife and her sister he started with the tents. When I finished saw that he had nothing up ...... No poles for either tent. So back to the house. He went to round up the tent gear and we were back off around 0900. Got both tents up with the exception of the Rain Fly top for his. Back to the house and Nowhere to be found. Told him he would have to get a tarp as scattered thunderstorms perdicted Fri, Sat, and Sun. So off to Wally world. He got a 10X24 and by then he was Hungry. In to Pizza Hut for the lunch Buffet. Back to the grounds and got the tarp on. Back home at 1400 and my grand daughter from Ohio called, they are 30 minutes out with my great grandson. Big Ham dinner tonight and off to the reunion tomorrow.
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    Is 'Big Ham' the name of your great grandson? Sounds like y'all are about to have some serious fun.